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What’s an HSP?

Between 15 and 20% of all people are highly sensitive, which comes with a list of common psychological characteristics that appear in different degrees:

  • A tendency to become easily overwhelmed by strong sensory input, like lights, colors, crowds, sirens, or even course fabrics
  • Having a rich and complex inner life
  • A need to arrange one’s life to minimize upsetting or overwhelming situations
  • A tendency to be seen as shy, quiet, or reserved by the outside world

Being an HSP is natural and innate. All different types of species contain HSP subpopulations, including insects, birds, fish, dogs, cats, horses, and of course, primates like us.


Why are HSP important for therapists?

Though a minority in the global population, they are actually a majority of the clientele that find their way into the offices of psychologists and therapists worldwide. That means knowing how to treat and help them is a must-have skill in today’s psychological climate.

Many HSP require different and specialized counseling to function at their best and find contentment in the world.

Many need to work on:

  • Situational awareness
  • A thorough understanding of the nature and demands of their sensitivity
  • Honing their behaviors and mindsets to facilitate authentic dialogue and foster healthy relationships and lives

With the right guidance, you can be poised to help them.


Certified HSP counseling via the Zensitively method

An in-depth three-year course offered completely online, your HSP training will be as enlightening as it is useful.

Our training leverages our proprietary Zensitively method: an approach that pulls together tenets from philosophy, sociology, and awareness-based methods of self-development rather than simply going deeper into conventional psychotherapy.

The end result is a peaceful, calming style of therapy in which both the clients and counselors are aligned to the truths within the communication they are sharing with each other.


Course Curriculum Includes:

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    Human warmth as an active factor, Inner freedom, Security and containment, Neutrality, Study of human nature, Wabi-sabi philosophy

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    Consciousness Development

    Self-Observation, Meditation, Mindfulness, Awareness and attention

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    Philosophy of self-acceptance, Radical self-acceptance theory, Neutrality and self-acceptance, Love and relationships

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    Detective analysis, Socratic dialogue, Dialogue according to Martin Buber, Bipolarity, Free association, Guided Imagery Techniques, Floor and Ceiling Model, Non-Doing (Wu wei), Self-Observation

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    High Sensitivity

    Psychological foundations, Evolutionary theory of Dr. Aron, Sociological theories, HSP according to Gabriel Raam

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    Nonverbal communication, Feedback processes, Dialectics, Socratic dialogue, Negative and positive dynamics, Power struggles

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    Emotional Immune System

    Natural and social emotions, Guilt & shame, Qualitative and quantitative work on emotions, Identification

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    Theory of Development

    The child, Social dependancy of the child, Emotional maturation

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    Ethics, Frames and boundaries, Financial modelling, Work-life-balance, Mental illnesses


For aspiring or established psychologists who truly have a heart to help

The Zensitively method was created to help practitioners like you lean into their callings – to truly help people on a deeper, more sincere level while aiding people who have felt vulnerable for too long finally find their place in this chaotic world.

During this program, you’ll grow personally, have a more empathetic understanding of human nature, and grow to become more aware, understand, and mature, even more so than most others in the psychology industry.

An education in the Zensitively method will serve you far beyond your ability to help HSP as you will be a better communicator, a more detail-oriented listener, and a more skilled purveyor of human psychological services.


Meet Your Lead Instructor: Nazım Venutti MSc Psy

With a storied career as a clinical psychologist, philosopher, instructor, and supervisor, Venutti brings a wealth of experience to the digital classroom.

Much of the curriculum was created by Venutti based on the lectures and research of Gabriel Raam, an accomplished philosopher and author of 10+ books on the sciences of body language, consciousness, and communication.


Don’t Just Get an Education – Build a Career

As part of the course curriculum, you’ll be provided with the best practices of business strategy when it comes to attracting and keeping paying clients. By the time you graduate, you’ll be intimately familiar with a proven blueprint you can use to scale your business as a psychological practitioner.

Our direct support is baked into the Zensitively approach, and unlike other social science degrees, you’ll be able to hit the ground immediately after graduating with adept knowledge on running a practice, managing finances, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


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