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Professional HSP Counselor Training

Three-year program to qualify as a professional HSP counselor


Our Approach to HSP Counseling

Working successfully with a highly sensitive person requires exceptional awareness, a thorough understanding of the nature and demands of sensitivity, as well as an ability to facilitate authentic dialogue with transformative power.

We offer a full, extensive three-year course for those seeking to become professional HSP counselors. This course covers all aspects of working with HSPs in detail, using interactive teaching methods, which allow participants to learn from direct experience.

Topics covered include:

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    Human warmth as an active factor, Inner freedom, Security and containment, Neutrality, Study of human nature, Wabi-sabi philosophy

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    Consciousness Development

    Self-Observation, Meditation, Mindfulness, Awareness and attention

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    Philosophy of self-acceptance, Radical self-acceptance theory, Neutrality and self-acceptance, Love and relationships

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    Detective analysis, Socractic dialogue, Dialogue according to Martin Buber, Bipolarity, Free association, Guided Imagery Techniques, Floor and Ceiling Model, Non-Doin, Self-Observation

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    High Sensitivity

    Psychological foundations, Evolutionary theory of Dr. Aron, Sociological theories, HSP according to Gabriel Raam

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    Nonverbal communication, Feedback processes, Dialectics, Socractic dialogue, Negative and positive dynamics, Power struggles

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    Emotional Immune System

    Natural and social emotions, Guilt & shame, Qualitative and quantitative work on emotions, Identification

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    Theory of Development

    The child, Social dependancy of the child, Emotional maturation

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    Ethics, Frames and boundaries, Financial modeling, Work-life-balance, Mental illnesses


Course Structure

The training takes a total of three years. The entire course can be taken online (over video).

Throughout the entire three years, participants attend individual self-awareness sessions, as well as fortnightly two-hour seminars and three-hour supervision. The self-awareness training can be tailored to each individual, in consultation with his or her advisors.

As soon as the first year has been completed, counselors can begin to work with clients independently, with the support of qualified supervisors. They can work with clients in connection with Zensitively worldwide (in their own practices or online over video).

Frequently Asked Questions

The Zensitively method is fundamentally different from other approaches to counseling and therapy, since it is not primarily based on conventional psychotherapy, but on existential philosophy, sociology, and awareness-based methods of self-development.

At its heart lies the fundamental idea of radical self-acceptance. Our practice is informed by direct perception, by learning to attune one’s consciousness to phenomena, instead of relying on psychological theory and dogma. This makes for a very peaceful way of working and allows both clients and counselors to verify the truth of everything that they communicate to each other.

What makes our approach most exceptional is that our top priority is real, authentic dialogue, dialogue that is not merely intellectual debate, but involves one's whole being and makes transformational experiences possible through communication.

The lead instructor of the program is the founder and CEO of Zensitively, Nazım Kılıç MSc Psy.

Kılıç is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, philosopher, consciousness development teacher and composer. He adapted and extended the existential philosophy and consciousness development methods of the philosopher Gabriel Raam into the therapeutic self-development.

Gabriel Raam is a philosopher, former lecturer and expert for non-verbal communication. He studied theater, education, and behavioral sciences and has been involved in the research, participation, and study of internal work groups as well as in learning methods for expanding and developing the field of consciousness for many decades.

He has published over 10 books internationally (mostly in Hebrew) on inner work, consciousness, body language and communication.

Unknown to the large population, his radical, existential philosophy is one of the most important influences on human life in the 21st century.

HSP counselors trained in the Zensitively approach draw on both a connection with their own inner selves and a profound, precise knowledge of the human psyche. While they maintain a professional distance and utilise well-grounded methods, these complementary strengths allow them to support their clients from a place of deep, authentic, human empathy.

Our training differs from other counselling courses: not only in its content and approach, but also in how it is structured and in the personal guidance we offer. During the course, we will provide all participants with support to help them become independent practitioners, including advice on running a practice, managing finances and maintaining a work-life balance.

Another unique advantage of the course is that participants will gain first-hand experience of the transformative effects of the Zensitively method.

The training is designed for anyone who is seriously interested in working with highly sensitive people in an empathetic, professional and well-grounded way.

People from the healing professions (such as medicine and psychology) and interested laypeople are equally welcome to join us. It does not matter whether the participant is already involved in professional practice and regards the training as a supplemental professional qualification or views the course as the first step towards a career in counseling.


A counselor's financial stability is a severely underrated factor in his or her long-term psychological well-being, which is an essential requirement for this emotionally intense daily work.

It is therefore very important to us to provide participants with a realistic financing method that will allow a seamless and debt-free transition to independent practice after the training has been completed.

The training costs US$ 1130 per month during the entire training period. This includes the individual self-awareness sessions, participation in seminars and workshops, supervision, and affiliation with the institute.

From the second year onwards, these expenses will be balanced by considerable earnings from work with clients, allowing participants to not only recoup the entire cost of the course during the training period but to amass start-up capital that will help them establish an independent practice.

Estimate Your Costs

Select how many weekly sessions you would like to offer in your 2nd and 3rd years and estimate the net cost of the training for you.

Year 2 (sessions per week offered)
Year 3 (sessions per week offered)

Cost Estimation

Year 1 Monthly Balance
$ -1,100.00
Year 2 Monthly Balance
$ -62.00
Year 3 Monthly Balance
$ 976.00
Total Balance
$ -2,232.00

Application Form

We admit a maximum of 10 participants per year. Since the seminars are ongoing, rather than restricted to the academic calendar, we can take applications all year round. If you are interested in the training, please fill out the application form below: