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In 2012, clinical psychologist Nazim Venutti was frustrated that there were no proven methods for helping highly sensitive people (HSP) thrive. As a highly sensitive person himself, he started developing the first psychologically sound method specifically designed to help HSPs thrive in all areas of their life, covering areas such as mental health, relationships, love life, career, and creativity. Joined by other highly sensitive psychologists and doctors, Zensitively was born. Today, Zensitively enables HSPs worldwide to lead authentic, fulfilled, and unique lives.


How Zensitively helps

Zensitively helps people with a unique spark to find appreciation and acceptance in life for their individuality and to lead authentic lives. For psychologists, Zensitively offers training programs that empower them on their journey to helping those who need are most in need.


As a multidisciplinary team combining psychology, philosophy, sociology, and medicine, what unites us at Zensitively is that we are highly sensitive ourselves and want to help HSPs compassionately and competently, drawing from experience, understanding, science, empathy, and competence.

  • Nazım Venutti MSc Psy
    Nazım Venutti MSc Psy

    Founder and Managing Director
    Classically trained in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, Nazım specialized in HSP, partnership, and existentialist philosophy, leading to the development of sociodynamic therapy. Venutti's professional development is inspired by his work as a composer and musician.

  • Natalie Venutti, M.D.
    Natalie Venutti, M.D.

    Deputy Managing Director
    Natalie Venutti studied vascular surgery in Germany and Italy and is a practicing surgeon. Fluent in five languages, she loves helping highly sensitive people to reach their potential and reach new heights in life. In her free time, she likes to sing jazz and early music.

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