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Sensitivity as a Source of Strength

At Zensitively, our mission is to help highly sensitive people all over the world unleash their own potential and lead self-determined, free, and fulfilled lives.


Who Are We?

We are a team of highly sensitive experts from the fields of medicine, clinical psychology and psychotherapy, consciousness development training, philosophy, communication, sociology and Zen.

Our institute was founded in Germany and is active worldwide. We not only provide helpful tools and information for highly sensitive people, but also connect them with HSP counsellors, who have completed a well-grounded, three-year training with us, specially tailored to work with highly sensitive people.


Who Is the Head of Our Institute?

Our institute was founded by Nazim Kilic, MSc, a clinical psychologist, philosopher, composer, and (Zen) consciousness development teacher. Disappointed with the conventional psychotherapy's approach to dealing with highly sensitive persons, he discovered the ground-breaking philosophy of Gabriel Raam, with whom he had the privilege of studying ever since. This existential philosophy of radical self-acceptance and total support for sensitivity, womanhood, and individuality was the foundation for Kilic to adapt the philosophy into an awareness-based approach to professional, empathetic, emotion-focused work with highly sensitive people called therapeutic self-development.

He remains the head of our institute today.

Whether we are artists working in creative fields, entrepreneurs exploring uncharted territory, or simply people interested in self-development and spirituality or going through a personal crisis — all highly sensitive people have one thing in common and it determines every aspect of our experience and our reactions: our sensitivity.

Our relationship with that sensitivity not only determines how we perceive things and what we perceive, but shapes our responses to everything we experience. All the patterns — both helpful and obstructive — that make up such a huge part of who we are and who we will become, the patterns that determine our destinies, are linked to our sensitivity.

That’s why it was so important to me to find a way to help people use their sensitivity to further their self-development, instead of seeing it as a weakness.

O. Nazım Kılıç MSc Psych
CEO & Founder at Zensitively, Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy (MSc)