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Life is Overwhelming

And for about 20% of the global population, too overwhelming.

We call this being an HSP, or highly sensitive person.

Characteristics include:

  • Having powerful, overwhelming emotions in situations others perceive as "normal"
  • A tendency to think very deeply about things many people don't seem to care about
  • Having a rich and complex inner life
  • Caring deeply for other living beings
  • Being sensitive to aggression and violence, a deep wish for harmony and peace

But There are Some Darker Side Effects

  • An inability to progress professionally in your career, or sometimes get a career started (i.e. feeling stuck)
  • Feeling withdrawn or that you’re missing out on what life has to offer
  • Social anxiety, mood disorders or even depression

The Minority is the Majority

Though a minority in the global population, HSP actually make up a majority of the people who work with psychologists and therapists worldwide.


You’re Meant for Greater Things

Highly sensitive people (HSP) aren’t meant to be marginalized in society.

It’s just that the world isn’t built for them.

It’s easy to fall into a comfort zone of staying “separate” from everyone else.

Withdrawing from truly living life and letting the emotions rule.

But they shouldn’t.


HSP are Naturally Talented Problem Solvers, Troubleshooters, and Creative Minds

Unlike so many other psychologically inborn traits, HSP can do more than just survive in this world; they can thrive.

Though the things in life that trigger aversion, emotional and mental depletion, or a sense of being overwhelmed are common, they can be dealt with and successfully navigated.

Sometimes, they can even be ignored.

And at the same time, you’ll learn how to adopt new mindsets and habits so you can set big goals, achieve them, and have the successful, fulfilling, and free life that you deserve.


Our Approach

Here at Zensitively, you can expect to talk to a specialist with an appreciative, empathetic attitude who provides humanistic and emotion-focused therapy.

It’s custom-fit, so it’s a bit different for every person. But this is what makes it so powerful: we’re able to respond to each and every specific need of the people we work with.

We see high sensitivity as a special opportunity for self-development through means of mindfulness.

This is a great opportunity to discover yourself from a completely new perspective and then build a self-determined and inspired life.

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  • Holistic, strengthening support

    In our work, we not only take your high sensitivity into account but also the importance of social relationships, love, physical condition and career in order to achieve holistic, positive outcomes.

  • Detailed, empathic diagnostics

    A sensitive, empathic approach paired with precise, validated assessment to help you to feel comfortable and at the same time receive the best possible support.

  • Growing from highly sensitive to highly productive

    We help you to remove blockages that prevent your personal development in order to clear the way for the true you to grow.


An Accredited and Respected Therapy for a Better Life

Our professional psychological institute is based on the science of psychology and the theories of existential philosophy and sociology.

Unlike many programs you may have found designed to help HSPs, ours relies solely on tested and empirical methods.

Our certified and trained specialists have undergone a rigorous 3-year postgraduate curriculum specifically designed to help HSPs and constantly take part in continued education as they are evaluated on their expertise.

Our practise isn’t explicitly psychotherapy: it’s an approach centred around helping people navigate and grow using their gifts rather than silencing parts of their psychology altogether.

Because being an HSP isn’t a disability in itself – it’s more like an inborn trait that can have positive or negative effects depending on background, training and situation.


Please Note: Mental Health is Not a Light Switch.

But in the first weeks, you’ll understand more than what’s possible for your life, but even more, what’s achievable. An “I wish” becomes “I will.”

In the first month, there were whispers of transformation. It’s like a sense of comfort and confidence within you is starting to wake up. There’s a newfound sense of hopefulness.

After a few months, your life and lifestyle will likely be less overwhelming and more fulfilling. More like the “self” many HSPs wish they had.

And then a year later, you’ll likely have ingrained new self-supporting habits that are the foundation for a good life: socially, professionally, and romantically. You’re still the real, natural you – it’s just easier and more satisfying to go through life on a daily basis.

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Get More Than Just Advice.
Get Tools You Can Use On a Daily Basis.

Our proprietary Zensitively® method is the first therapeutic method optimized for the needs of highly sensitive people.

It gives sensitive people tools to help them better perceive, communicate and experience emotions, thoughts, work, social contacts and their own needs better.

Most HSPs have talents that are undervalued and underused.

They find it difficult to find the right place in society, to experience appreciation for their idiosyncrasies and to develop their potential.

Finding out that you’re an HSP is great news!

Now we just have to turn this realization into opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this psychotherapy?

Therapeutic self-development is not a form of psychotherapy. A patient can only begin psychotherapy once a mental illness has been diagnosed, but high sensitivity is not an illness.

Our approach, by contrast, focuses on the person's individual potential for self-development. Mental and emotional pain is not seen as a problem, but as a challenge and an opportunity to realize one's own potential and rise above.

Who will I be working with?

Our counselling service is facilitated by HSP counsellors, using the Zensitively method. The counsellors, who are psychologists, doctors and coaches, complete at least three years of in-depth training at our institute, specialising in high sensitivity, consciousness studies, and emotions. This well-grounded training in high sensitivity work was developed at our institute, which is the only place to offer this course. An appropriate HSP counsellor is allocated to each client, on the basis of availability, location, and individual need.

Where do the sessions take place?

The sessions take place in the comfort of your home via encrypted video call. Don't worry if you're not tech-savvy: it’s very easy to set up and doesn’t require any additional software. You’ll find it convenient, safe, and straightforward to get started with the ideal counsellor for you.

How much does therapeutic self-development cost?

We offer two (three, if necessary) initial sessions free of charge, with no commitment necessary so you can assess whether this path is right for you.

As high sensitivity is not an illness, we don't work with any health insurance companies. The subscription costs are:

Biweekly sessions: £220 per month

1X/week sessions: £440 per month

2X/week sessions: £880 per month

What happens in the initial sessions?

The free initial sessions are designed for you and your counsellor to get to know each other and learn how you can work together. That includes:

  1. Make an appointment
    Schedule a free appointment using the scheduler below.
  2. Initial session (20-50 minutes)
    This session is for finding out whether you and your counsellor have the right chemistry. To be able to work with each other successfully over the longer term, you both need to feel comfortable around each other.
  3. 1–2 further initial sessions (50 minutes)
    This is followed by 1-2 further initial sessions, primarily designed to construct a detailed case history of your situation and understand your needs, wishes, and goals. We need to establish a clear sense of your goals before we can begin to work together.

What is your cancellation policy?

We stand for moral integrity and fair relationships. This is why we're proud to offer a penalty-free cancellation policy if for any reason your professional or personal life dictates that these sessions are no longer for you.

We’re also happy to pro-rate your refund and give you back a proportionate amount of your payment based on the time of the month you cancel.

Meet our Team

All of our counsellors are certified and highly practised experts in the field of high sensitivity, volunteering regularly to ongoing supervision and training to ensure the absolute best care.

Also, all of our counsellors have gone through the program themselves as part of their training so they are intimately acquainted with the process you’re going through.

  • Nazim Kilic, MSc Psy
    Nazim Kilic, MSc Psy

    Classically trained in clinical psychology and psychotherapy in Hamburg, Germany, Nazim specialised in HSP before creating one of the premier practices focusing on it: Zensitively. Nazim’s additional professional background has led him to be a composer, philosopher and consciousness development teacher.

  • Natalie Venutti, M.D.
    Natalie Venutti, M.D.

    Fluent in 5 languages, Natalie brings a deep power of communication to clients as well as a big heart. She loves helping highly sensitive people thrive and attain new heights in life. Natalie also studied vascular surgery in Germany and Italy.

  • Lea Eickhorst
    Lea Eickhorst

    With intensive experience in neurolinguistic programming and one-on-one coaching, Lea has now become an expert in HSP counselling. She is a great advocate of authentic womanhood and specialises in helping clients realise their potential as fulfilled, empowered individuals.

  • picture
    Lennart Groene, MSc BPsy

    A graduate of business psychology before realising his true calling in HSP counselling, Lennart also has a lifelong passion for philosophy. He loves deep-diving into client issues and helping them uncover and resolve previously unseen conflicts.

  • picture
    Rasmus Ranft, MSc Psy

    Rasmus has a deep background in psychotherapy alongside his specialisation in helping those who are highly sensitive. He has a passion for understanding human nature and has dedicated his life to helping people understand and grow through their psychological barriers.


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You’re not alone and whatever you may be going through, realize that this can be a stepping stone, not a resting place.

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