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Unleash the Power of Your Sensitivity

Zensitively is an institute dedicated to the therapeutic self-development of HSPs

Our Approach

From Sensitive to Zensitive

Developing one's sensitivity through the practice of awareness is a peaceful way of working towards self-acceptance and inner peace. We offer:


Empirical by Nature

Our approach was developed by highly sensitive psychologists and philosophers because existing approaches were not tailored to the needs of highly sensitive people, nor did they treat sensitivity as an asset. Every process can be observed, understood and verified by the client.

When is HSP Counseling useful?

There is almost no area of life unaffected by one's sensitivity, yet in most of these areas, sensitive people live unconsciously according to patterns and strategies that are meant for non-HSPs, causing them unnecessary suffering.

Crises & Personal Development

Psychological crises get a bad rap — unfairly, because they aren't a sign of weakness or error, but serve an important function as an internal wake-up call: for HSPs, it is a symptom of not being well-adjusted to a cold society. It is crucial to develop awareness to rise above the level of these problems.

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By HSPs for HSPs

Our team is entirely made up of HSPs, who can truly understand your lived experiences.


Resilience in a crisis

Difficulties and crises are not just things we have to survive. They also provide an opportunity to build up the long-term resilience that will prevent us from succumbing to the same crises over and over again.

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