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Zensitively was founded in 2012 by psychologist, philosopher, and composer Nazim Venutti to enable people to lead authentic, fulfilled lives. We combine mindfulness with therapeutic methodology and professionalism with compassion to bring about growth, change, and healing. We work on a scientifically sound basis, always emphasizing an authentic, human connection.

Nazim Venutti, MSc Psy, founder of Analytic Mindfulness & Zensitively
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How did Zensitively come about?

Already during my studies, I was frustrated that psychotherapy too often views its patients through the lens of illness, frequently forgetting that body and mind are an inseparable unit. Even renowned training in modern cognitive-behavioral therapy and classical psychoanalysis left me unsatisfied. My thirst for understanding became a journey into the depths of philosophy, body therapy, mindfulness, and meditation.

Over ten years of learning, researching, and disciplined practice, I understood which principles lead to an authentic, fulfilled life. Applying them helped me break free from the captivity of my own patterns and live out my potential.

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Toward a Method That Emphasizes Individuality

Due to the high demand for my approach, I dedicated the next ten years to developing these insights into a method that can be applied in counseling and therapy, enabling people to find their own individual path and lead a life that is authentic and fulfilling. I call this method Analytic Mindfulness.

Analytic Mindfulness

Analytic Mindfulness is a philosophical-psychological framework for personal development and therapy. It is closely related to the philosophy of the empiricist David Hume without being too theoretical; close to the practical orientation of Zen Buddhism without being religious or dogmatic; and scientifically oriented without losing sight of our humanity and subjectivity.

  • Emphasis on Authenticity

    At the heart of Analytic Mindfulness is a commitment to authenticity, encouraging individuals to explore and embrace their true selves for genuine personal growth.

  • Science-Based Approach

    Analytic Mindfulness integrates scientific principles with personal development, ensuring an evidence-based and effective method.

  • Practical Orientation

    Real change always requires practical application as well. For us, practicing is on par with understanding.

Benefits of Analytic Mindfulness

Whether you're grappling with burnout, stress, anxiety, a sense of meaninglessness, or challenges in managing your sensitivity, relationships, or career, Analytic Mindfulness offers a comprehensive approach that addresses the essential areas of your life:

  • Manage Sensitivity and Stress

    Learn to harness your sensitivity as a strength and effectively manage stress, reducing feelings of overwhelm.

  • Combat Burnout and Emotional Overwhelm

    Develop strategies to prevent burnout and manage impulsivity by finding emotional equilibrium.

  • Improve Relationships

    Gain insights and tools to enhance communication and understanding in relationships, fostering deeper connections.

  • Prioritize Self-Care

    Discover the importance of self-care and practical ways to integrate it into your daily life.

  • Find Meaning and Purpose

    Explore what truly matters to you, helping you find meaning and purpose in your personal and professional life.

  • Achieve Work-Life Balance

    Learn techniques to balance work and personal life, ensuring you're not just living, but thriving.

  • Overcome Feeling Stuck

    Break free from feeling stuck and empower yourself to live life to the fullest.

  • Access Inner Resources

    Find and access your inner peace, strengths, and intuition whenever you need it.

What Clients Say About Analytic Mindfulness

All clients are invited to share their honest and anonymous opinion of analytic mindfulness on Google Reviews at the end of our collaboration. Below are some of these client reviews.

Note: To ensure privacy, names and photos have been anonymized. The content of the reviews remains unaltered.

Sarah M.

Five out of five stars rating

“A loving, peaceful way of relating to myself”

What is impressive is that my energy balance has more capacity for other, more important things in life. With each session I get to know, understand and accept myself, with the result that I'm OK and don't need to change who I am.

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