Transform your sensitivity into your greatest strength

Zensitively is a unique, psychologically sound method that helps highly sensitive people live fulfilling, individual and unique lives.

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What is high sensitivity?

Almost 15% of all people are highly sensitive - most of them without even knowing it. Highly sensitive people (HSP) are wired differently: they are very empathetic and process emotions deeper.

Most HSP live their lives as if they are not highly sensitive: they try to live like everyone else. This often leads to emotional distress, difficulties with others, and being stuck regarding one's career.

Although being highly sensitive is not a mental disorder, living in this way can cause HSP to exhibit symptoms of mental disorders that make it easy to confuse with depression, anxiety, ADHD - even personality disorder and schizophrenia.

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Psychotherapy is often no help

Studies show that almost 50% of all people who seek psychological help are highly sensitive. But psychotherapy is often ineffective for them.

At the same time, many who do not receive help suffer from a complete career collapse, unemployment, social isolation or withdrawal, and sometimes even depression.

Many also involuntarily become long-term singles or are stuck in toxic relationships.

But it doesn't have to be like that.


A proven and accepted method for a fulfilling life

Zensitively is the first highly effective method tailored specifically to highly sensitive people's needs and resources.

As a clinical psychologist and specialist in high sensitivity, Nazim Venutti MSc Psy spent ten years developing Zensitively to help HSP lead successful, fulfilling, individual lives.

Why Zensitively?

Your uniqueness is at the core of our approach. We want to enable all highly sensitive people to live individual, free, self-determined lives - independent of medical insurance and other liabilities. We offer graduated prices for people with low income so that everybody can afford the support they deserve.

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    Specialized competence

    Our approach is centered around a proven method that helps highly sensitive people thrive.

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    Avoiding stigma and misdiagnosis

    We work without diagnoses, avoiding the stigma associated with mental disorders.

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    Tailored to you

    Zensitively is the only approach focused on your individuality.


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